During time of crisis, we're here to support you and help you with your home improvement needs.


Complimentary Estimates Without Leaving Your Home

Renovation of Ranch Style Home in Rolling Hills

As a door and window expert, and homeowners ourselves, we understand the current state of the nation and the need to heed the warnings of our leadership and the professionals we’ve come to trust. We’re currently open for business and continuing to work on the projects that are underway, but are taking necessary precautions to keep our staff, neighbors, clients and our community as a whole healthy and safe.

While you may be experiencing stress over the changes we’ve needed to make during this crisis, we encourage you to stay in touch with others, stay informed, and remember that we are all connected.

If you’re staying indoors and away from others and want to stay proactive with the ideas and projects you had been considering, we’re able to do so much virtually. If you have been looking to home renovate for a more updated aesthetic or more comfortable living, or even to sell your home because you’d like to downsize or need something bigger, we are able to provide complimentary estimates without you having to come into our showroom or us having to step foot in your home!

Some guidelines to get us the information we need to generate an estimate include the following: You can simply measure the windows or doors you would like to replace roughly width by height, give or take an inch. Send us the list along with your thoughts on why you wish to replace or upgrade and what type/style of windows or doors you wish to replace them with for your home. You can send us pictures of styles you like. Let us know the address of your property, as we’re able to look up the property through google, Zillow or redfin to get a better look at the style and condition of the windows and doors currently in place. If you’re unsure what to replace your current windows or doors with, we’re here to guide you. Give us a call, and one of our home improvement consultants will listen to your thoughts and concerns and help to provide you with knowledgeable advice to address your needs.

In addition, we are also being mindful of keeping our showroom area and personal space clean, so when you are ready to look at product firsthand, we’re here to show you around and talk through the details.

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